First Cyber Security Workshop – Done and Dusted!

After much planning and preparation, EduWorx hosted their first two hour workshop on Cyber Security for children… and what a workshop it was! After introducing our guest speaker, Samantha Rule, the workshop began. At first, the students were nervous and out of their comfort zone, as many have not been exposed to the field of Cyber Security. After explaining what Cyber Security is and how it is present in their everyday life, hands flew up and discussions started flowing.

One part of the workshop included discussions on various case studies that students could be faced with. For example, how to respond to a message on Instagram sent by an unknown, or how to react when asked for personal information over the internet. We could see their brains were ticking and the learners were forced to think two steps ahead, and how the consequences could affect them. Of course, the learners favorite part of the workshop was working on the iPad’s themselves. We allowed each learner to play an online game called Be Internet Safe. This was a fun, yet educational game, that included the aspects of online safety as learners were playing. The children were also given the opportunity to create a Cyber Security poster, where they were tasked to put their newly attained knowledge to use. During this activity, the learner’s creativity was flowing and out came the colour pens and pencils!

To end off the workshop, learners were awarded with a CyberHero Level 1 Training Certificate. The aim of the certificate is to give learners a sense of self-efficacy and confidence, to build their self-esteem and allow them to walk away with a greater awareness and knowledge of how to be safe online.

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