Our Story


EduWorx, recognises that there are a number of challenges facing parents, learners and schools. The overwhelming amount of information and services available on the internet and trying to find the correct solution for you is just one of the challenges which you face.

EduWorx strives to serve as a platform that provides access to all your possible educational solutions. We aim to expose teachers, parents and schools to the wide variety of services and resources and assist them in selecting the best solution for their obstacle. Therefore, providing them with the best option, choice, and opportunity for success, under one umbrella.


One step at a time. We do not aim to replace teachers and institutions, but rather empower them by providing access to crucial knowledge and resources. By tackling areas of difficulty, faced by schools, parents and learners, we aim to empower individuals to feel more confident and competent in their specific area of struggle. We believe that no obstacle can prevent a student from access to learning, and therefore we aim to achieve – teaching and learning without limits and, ultimately, Education without Limits.

Our aim is to provide exposure and access to quality educational learning facilities, resources and technological solutions. By equipping teachers, parents and institutions with the knowledge of available resources and services, we are providing exposure to solutions that one perhaps was has not been made aware of. Our aim therefore is to not only ensure support, but improvement and resolution. We aim to go beyond serving as an EdTech platform for educational services, but empower through provision of tutoring, workshops, an EduStore, training seminars and much more.

Our Mission


Our aim is to ensure inclusivity by ensuring that ALL learners are supported. Up to 70% of South African children who face a learning barrier do not attend school. This clearly demonstrates a lack of resource allocation and much needed intervention. EduWorx aims to include services and provide resources that accommodate for all learners. We strive to ensure no child feels excluded or limited as a result of their learning barrier.